Total Body Workout will hit all of your muslces

Total Body Workout will hit all of your muslces

The WorkoutGuru’s Total Body Workout

This total body workout is part of a
fat burning workout plan.
It also helps build heaps of muscle and gets the metabolism pumping and turns your body into a fat burning machine.

This is a circuit style workout. That means that you’ll complete one set of one exercise and move on to the next. Try to complete 3 full sets before taking a two minute rest. Try your best to lift heavy completing 8-10 reps each exercise. When I say heavy I mean that 10 is your max that it would be nearly impossible to do one more rep.

Another great reason for doing a total body workout is that is saves you time! Go Hard Go Fast and Get on with your day! Try doing this full body workout twice a week or end your workout week with it after you have done a upper and lower body workout.

Exercise 1: Exercise Ball Pushups

For your chest, shoulders, and triceps

The first and third set you will start by kneeling with your body on an Stability Ball. Next roll forward until you are in a pushup position with you hands on the floor underneath your shoulders. Keep you feet on the ball. Keep you back straight and lower your chest to the floor.

Reps: 8-12

The second set track your fingers out as you balance yourself on top of the ball. Keep you feet wide as you lower yourself let your chest touching the ball. Bring yourself back to starting position.

Reps 8-12

Exercise ball

exercise ball

Exercise 2: Kettlebell Suitcase Daedlifts

For lower back, glutes, hamstrings, quads, and core

Grasp a ketlebell in the center with your right hand and hold it on your side as if it were a heavy suitcase.

Next bend at the knees and waist as if your were placing the kettlebell on the floor. Keep your arms and back straight extend your knees and hips to your starting position.

Reps: 10 in each hand

Kettlebell workout


Exercise 3: Clean and Press

For your hips, shoulders, legs, upper back, and upper chest

This is compound exercise working nearly the entire body and does take practice. I recommend just starting off without bar or a Workout Bar until you are comfortable with the motion and timing of this exercise. Also those trainers in the gym are a wealth of knowledge, go grab one of them and ask for a couple of minutes.

1- Place and barbell (or workout bar) on the floor and stand behind it with your feet slightly wider than your hips. Keeping the the bar close to your body squat down and grab the bar with an overhand grip. Keep your hands slightly out from shoulder-width. With an arched back position yourself so that your shoulders are over the bar.

2- First start pulling with your shoulders, then extend your knees and hips as you lift the bar. Make sure that your arms are fully extended.

3- Once the bar reaches your knees rapidly raise your shoulders like a shrug and pull the bar as your bent your elbows like and up right row. Keep the bar close to your body the entire “clean” phase of the exercise. At the top of the row catch the bar by bringing your elbows down and the palms of your hands up.

4- Your body should be in a front squat position (bent knees, slight bend at the waist, hips back, bar back towards your shoulders) . From here extend your legs and hips as you raise the bar above your hand in a shoulder press.

5- Lower the bar to your chest, then reversing the motion as your bring the bar back to the floor.

Reps: 10

This exercise takes practice, but in no time you will know what your doing and reap the amazing benefits of this
Olympic style of lifting.

clean and press

clean and press

push press

Exercise 4: Weighted Dumbbell lunges

For your glutes, quads, hamstrings, and core

1- Hold a pair of dumbbells in each hand with your arms fully extended down.

2- Lunge forward with your right foot going from heal to toe. Lower yourself with knees until they are both at 90 degrees. Your back left leg should nearly tough the floor.

3- Bending forward slightly from the waist step forward with your left leg landing from heal to toe. Continue the same motion with your left leg forward.

Reps 10 on each foot


Exercise 5: Bicep Curl to Arnold Press with Hammer Downs

For your biceps, shoulders, and core

1- In this exercise stand with your feet a little more that shoulder width apart. Brace your core by slightly bending your knees and bringing your belly button back towards your spin. Holding a dumbbell in each hand, lock your elbows to your side.

2- Do a dumbbell curl. Once at the top of the curl go into a reverse shoulder press. Start by facing your palms out so that the dumbbells are equal with your ears.

3- Next push the weight straight up over your head. Reverse the motion bring the dumbbells down as you bring your palms back facing you.

4- Lastly turn your palms to they inside of your hands are facing each other and hammer the weights down until your arms are fully extended down.

Reps: 10

Bicep curl to Arnold Press

Bicep curl to Arnold Press

Exercise 6: Exercise Ball Wind Shield Wipers

For your core and abs1- Start by laying flat on your back and hold an Stability Ball with either your feet or knees (feet is harder, if you can’t do it, you will in time as you gain strength!)

2- With your legs fully extended up, your arms out to your sides, and head flat on the floor, move the ball form side. Come close,but do not touch the floor with your legs.

Reps 10-15

Scott Wipers

Total Body Workout
can be done 2-3 times a week. Also it can be done once a week as you concentrate on
lower body workout
upper body workout.
On other weight training days.

I recommend after a total body workout that you give yourself at least one day of no lifting in order for your body to recover. We build muscle actually during our time of rest not in our time of exercise.

A good total body workout will hit most if not all of your muscles and you will definitely need some recovery time.

A good alternative on the days you are not doing a total body workout is
Interval Training Workouts
For other total body workouts checkout
The Guru’s Full Body Workout Page.

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