Tabata = Extreme Fitness

Tabata = Extreme Fitness

What is Tabata Interval Training?

Tabata interval training is short in duration, high in intensity, and produces better results than other forms of training. If you are looking for Workout Routines scroll down to the bottom of the page. High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT has become popular recently, why? Because it works!

It was first discovered in Japan by Dr. Izumi Tabata (not really imaginative with the name huh?) at the National Institute of Fitness and Sports located in Tokyo.

His research proved that this method of interval training produced far superior results than aerobic training. His results proved that Tabata interval training as much muscular endurance as doing 45 minutes of a normal cardio training routine!

Doing one full Tabata exercise is only 4 minutes in duration, but don’t let the time fool you. It is the most intense 4 minutes you’ll experience exercising.

It breaks down like this. You can use any form of exercise you want. I recommend using body weight exercises at first. You will be doing 20 seconds of exercising followed by 10 seconds of rest for eight sets adding up to a total time of 4 minutes. Oh it sounds so easy in words!

To get the full benefits of Tabata those 20 seconds you need to find a pace tat you’ll last the full 4 minutes, but that you are still going till you can’t go anymore!


Benefits of Tabata

Killer Calorie Burn– Doing interval style of training will kick your metabolism into high gear. This is especially a great morning exercise to get going for burring calories all day long!

Kill Many Birds with One Stone– You will not only be doing muscle strength and endurance, you’ll be hitting your cardiovascular training as well!

Short Amount of Time– One Tabata last only 4 minutes. I recommend doing more than one in an exercise session. Even if you do you can get a full body exercise in 20 minutes of less.

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Here is a sample Tabata we did at my gym
Rogue Fitness Cabarete

Exercise 1: Mountain Climbers

Start off in a prone pushup position hands and toes touching the floor. Bring one knee forward towards your chest with your foot on the floor. Pushing off the floor with the back foot switch the positions of your feet as quickly as possible. Repeat this motion through the entire 20 sec sprint phase of the Tabata. This simple but effective exercise can be modified by tracking the knees to the outside of arms. If your range of motion is limited place your hands on an aerobic step and don’t bring your knee to far towards your chest.

Exercise 2: Body Weight Squats

Start by standing tall with your feet shoulder width apart. Do the exercise with an engaged core and weight in the heals. To get the weight in your heals, push your hips back before you lower yourself. Lower yourself by the waist first, then the knees. Make sure you do not track your knees over your toes. On the way up fight to keep your knees speed apart. Also

Exercise 3: Rocky’s Crunches

Lay down on your back with your hands touching the side of your hand (not locked behind your head). Lift your feet off the ground. Bring one knee up towards your chest meeting half way with the opposite side elbow. Repeat the same motion on the other side.

Exercise 4: Pushups

In a prone position, straight back lower yourself down as far as you can. It is quite normal to burn out during pushups. You can either do one of two things: 1. You can go all the way the let your entire body touch the floor. 2. You can go to your knees. If you go to your knees you need to modify. First get your hands out in front of you not underneath your shoulders like a regular pushup. Next lower your butt until your back is in a straight line to your knees.

Exercise 5: Swimmers

Laying on your stomach put your arms straight in front of you and your legs straight behind you. During the exercise keep your arms and legs off the floor and make a swimming motion. It looks ridiculous but it is a killer core exercise.

Exercise 6: Medicine Ball Slams

This is everyone’s favorite! Stand up straight and bring a medicine ball over your head slamming it down straight in front of you. Catch it low and bring it back up over your head. The harder you slam it the better it bounces. The better it bounces the easier it is to get into a good rhythm.

interval training is a great strength, endurance, and cardio from of exercise. If you are interested in more interval training visit the
interval training mainpage

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