Stretching Exercises For More Strength

Stretching Exercises For More Strength

You Don’t Do Enough Stretching Exercises!

You know why guys especially hate stretching exercises? Because their benefits aren’t seen. Stretching doesn’t pump your biceps, pecs, or give you a six pack. Due to anatomy we aren’t naturally flexible like women are. So we dismiss them as something that women or yogi’s do.

Don’t sell your flexibility short. It has amazing befits like improving athleticism and reducing risk of injury. What we really don’t know is that stretching exercise regularly improves our strength!

How? When you increase your range of motion you can add muscle mass and lengthen your muscles. This give your lifts more force and can allow to to lift heavier weight.

Try these 7 stretches to workout any kinks you have do to sitting at a desk too long, working out hard, or having a long day. Try them getting ready to work out, when your tight in a certain place, or about bring your A game on the court, field, rink, in the water, or in the bed!

They will help you strength your core, give you back more support, and put that spring back in your step.

Inchworms: Before Exercising

Works: Total Body Stretches

Start in a prone pushup position. Walk you feet towards your hands. You have gone far enough when your legs really start to feel it. Next, keep your feet in place and walk your hands out until you are back into a prone pushup position.

Reps: 5-10

stretch at desk

Did you get the Memo Stretch: Doing Desk Work

Works: Improve your Posture

Start by sitting in a chair. Place you hands on your hips and keep you feet flat on the floor. Keep your chin parallel to the floor and slowly raise your chest up. Next bring your shoulder blades together. You should felt this stretch in your chest. Hold this pose for 15 seconds then relax it out.

Reps: 10

desk stretches

I’m Tear the mother out of this one: Pre-Sports Warm Up

Works: Dynamic Stretching Exercise that is good at getting the blood flowing

Stand up straight with your feet together. Step forward and bend your knee until your leg is at 90˚. Twist your torso in the direction of your front leg. Keep your arms parallel to the floor. From here you can either bring your front back to it’s starting position or stand up bring your back foot forward before going into the next rep.

Reps: 10 each side


Holy Crap This Feels Good Stretch: Tight Upper Back

Backs tight with overuse do this stretching exercise a few time a day until you feel loose again.

On your knees place a Swiss-Ball in front of you. Put your hands on the ball and roll it out bending at the waist until your chest is parallel with the floor. Press your shoulders towards the floor and hold this pose for 30 seconds.

Reps: 2

workout ball stretch

I’m not as young as I once was Stretch: Increase your Range of Motion

Increase your rotator cuff’s range of motion is essential to most ball sports and all water sports.

Start by lying on your left side. Make a 90-degree angle with your left arm. Using your upper arm grab the wrist of your bottom arm, keeping the forearm pointing up. Us your right hand stretch your left forearm forward towards the floor with allowing your arm to rise. Hold this for 5 seconds putting both pressure on the upper and lower arms.

Reps: 10 each side

Rotator Stretch

It’s Been one of those days Stretch: Your chest and abs

Use this stretch after a long day to correct your posture.

Stand facing a corner and raise your arms to should height. Place your arm, elbows to hands on the walls. Next lean inward and stretch your pecs and hold for a 15 count.

Reps: 10


Gettin’ Ready to Bench Like Superman: Chest and rotation stretch

Grab a rope or resistance band in both hands placing it in front of you at a wide grip. Lift the rope over your head until it passes behind you. Do this 10 times and move your hands in an inch or two making the pull through more difficult, but not undoable. Do 5 more reps then more your hands in one more time making more difficult and repeat 5 more times.

chest stretches

Stretching exercises

are an important part of your overall fitness and should be done often. I recommend dong them after a workout or playing a aport when you are at your most loose. I also find that doing stretching exercises when I get out of bed gives me a great wake up.

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