Pull-Ups The Scrawny Dude’s Revenge!

Pull-Ups The Scrawny Dude’s Revenge!

Pull-ups The Scrawny Dude’s Revenge

Pull-ups used to remind me of Phyis Ed. class. OK except for the ugly uniforms, fat PE coach, and getting popped in the ass with a towel in the locker room. Until recently I could do barely one. It was intimidating. Every time I stared at the bar I would remember back to middle school gym class and the “cool” guys busting out 5,6,7,or even 8 of them. There I am standing there I feel my arms shrivel to my scrawny 6th grade self the bar feels so far up, and I was ultimately defeated before I even began.

That was until I discovered this program The Ultimate Pull-Up Program At first I was skeptical at the fact that they were all e-books and downloadable videos, but at $34 with an 8 week money back guarantee why not see if this program could take me from dud to stud.

Shawna Kaminski, the author of this program, has a wealth of knowledge. The Ultimate Pull-Up Program for anyone who is struggling to do their first or for anyone who can already do a few and want to bust them out. Believe this program is worth far more than it is offered for.

Pull-ups and Pushups are the
Ultimate Bodyweight Exercises

Nothing says more about your physical fitness level, strength, endurance, and overall conditioning as these two bodyweight exercises do. Seriously, who cares about many tricep extensions you do or if can do leg curls.

The Benefits of the Mighty Pull-up

In one pull-up your body summons the might of following muscles- back, shoulders, forearms, biceps, triceps, core, and even your fingers and grip. They are truly a badass exercise and once you can do a few you’ll fell like a badass too. Believe me, just look at my progress in a few weeks:

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I recently installed this Pull-Up Bar in the most high traffic area in my house and every time I pass under it I required myself to do at least two and a max set three times a day. But the bar is not the only place I do them. Tree branches are one of my favorites, many parks have them on jogging trails, or even a playground has a place you can bust out a few.

pull-up bar

This bar for the price has the best features. It has both wide and neutral grips so that I can get the most out of my exercises. The different grips engages muscles differently. I also like trying new types of
Now that I’m not scared of them.

Do you have an interesting way to do pull-ups?

I’m always looking into doing different and interesting styles of pull-ups if you got one Share it!

What do you call your pull-ups?

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