Muscle Fitness Stand Strong With This Quick Leg Circuit

Muscle Fitness Stand Strong With This Quick Leg Circuit

Stand Strong With This Muscle Fitness Routine!

Looking to build strength, power, and stamina? Try this muscle fitness leg circuit and get those pipes chiseled like a Greek God!

This is a fast paced circuit training workout routine that will get your heart rate up and your legs burning!

Preform each exercise back-to-back for 15 reps with 1 minute-90seconds of rest between each circuit complete three or four. Try to rest 15 seconds less between each circuit until you are down to 30 seconds to no time between each set.

Equipment Needed: Stability Ball, Kettlebell, Plyometric Box, or an Aerobic Step

Warmup: 3-5 minutes light cardio (jogging, skipping rope, etc..)

Reps: 15 for each exercise

Sets: 3-4

Rest: 90 seconds – 1 minute between each complete circuit reducing each rest period by 15 seconds

Exercise 1: Exercise Ball Leg Extensions

Works Glutes, Quads, and Abs

1- Get into a prone pushup position with you shins on a exercise ball and your hands an aerobic or plyo step that is around a fot high. Place hands on the box a little further out than shoulder width.

2- To preform the exercise bring your knees towards your chest while fighting to keep your butt from raising (it will a little). Push the ball back as straighten out your legs. Contract your butt and the front of your thighs. Repeat the motion for 15 reps.

TIP: If you want to kick this exercise up a notch do a pushup as you push the ball back

Exercise Ball

Excercise ball

Exercise 2: Exercise Ball Curls

Works Glutes and Rear Back of your thighs

1- Lie on your back with your feet, heels, and lower calves on an exercise ball. Lift your hips to make your body form and incline keeping your head and shoulders on the floor.

2- Bend your knees as you pull the ball towards your butt. Repeat this motion for 15 reps.

TIPS: Make this exercise a bit more extreme by lifting one leg as high as you can and doing 15 per leg.

exercise ball

exercise ball

Exercise 3: Sumo Depth Squats

Works Quads, Glutes, and Hamstrings

1- Grab either a kettlebell or dumbbell and stand with each foot on an aerobic or plyo step. Track your toes slightly out.

2- To preform the exercise keep your back and arms straight as you lower yourself by bending your knees. Keep your body weight in your heels by pushing your hips back before lowering yourself. At the bottom squeeze your glutes and bring yourself back up to starting position.



Exercise 4: Power Lateral Jumps

Works Explosive Power in your Legs

1- Stand with one foot on a plyo box or stack of aerobic steps and your other foot on the floor.

2- Dip down slightly by bending your knees and exploded up off the floor with enough force propel your upper foot to the other side and your lower foot up onto the box. Swing your arms to help you. Repeat the same for the other side for 15 reps.

leg workouts


lateral jump

Do this
muscle fitness leg circuit
once a week before either an upper body workout or a cardio day. Muscle fitness is a great way to improve your athletic performance. Keeping you largest muscle group you legs in top muscle fitness will keep you at the top of your game!

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