Leg Workouts Target Your Lower Half for All Around Gains!

Leg Workouts Target Your Lower Half for All Around Gains!

Why Do Leg Workouts?

A typical gym on a typical day and want to do mostly see? Dudes pumping their pecs, adding inches to their guns, and working on their “show me” muscles. But what about those trunks? you know those leg workouts?

If you think just because to do cardio exercises like running that you don’t need to exercise your legs…YOU ARE WRONG!

This is a common mistake. First off your legs are what supports the rest of exercises. Second, being the largest muscle group in your body they contain the key to building muscle mass and toning.

Dudes if you are looking for muscle your legs hold the bulk of your testosterone. One the key elements for muscle growth. Adding in squats, lunges, step-ups will aid in the growing the other muscles you want to build

Ladies not to worry doing leg exercises will not bulk up your frame. This is because your bodies do not produce they testosterone that a man’s body does. So, you won’t “bulk up”! In doing leg workouts however you will burn calories all day long, even more than an intense cardio workout.

Use these
Leg Workouts
To get those trucks strong!

The Workouts:

Lower Body Workout

– This is part of my fat loss workouts. This workout is designed to be done at the start of your workout week to really get those calories burning and testosterone released.

Stand Strong:
This is quick, fast paced workout circuit that will get your quads looking like a Greek God!

Squats: How much do you know about the Daddy off all lifts? Add these different squat variations to your current lower body workout routine.

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