Full Body Workout go hard in less time

Full Body Workout go hard in less time

Full Body Workout

Want to see the best results in the minimal amount of time? Try a Full Body Workout that not only saves you time, but gets you the results you want!

Building a better body means spending hours in the gym right? NO WAY! You can achieve incredible body without day after day in gym pounding away you precious time. Of course this means that intensity needs kicked up a notch (or two!)

Of course hard work and effort is needed, just like anything else in life. You will only get out of these workouts what you put into them!

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Above is a Full-Body Workout that I came up with and got my Workout Guru Zach to be the trainer (and watch my son Reef). We targeted all of our muscle groups using a variety of exercise equipment- suspension straps, resistance bands, body weight, medicine balls, and a battle rope.

Exercise 1: Battle Ropes– An awesome cardio exercise. Also great for conditioning and muscle endurance.

Exercise 2: Toe to Wall- Using Gymnastic Rings to pull yourself up hold and touch the wall with your toes. Works chest, biceps, and shoulders

Exercise 3: Sicilian Situps- Using a Weighted Bar, we used a PVC pipe filled with sand and capped. It weighted ≈ 25lbs (11.4 Kilograms). A Core strengthening exercise.

Exercise 4: Resistance Bands Tricep Pull Downs- Killing those back of the arms.

Exercise 5: Wall Balls- Using either 10 lbs or 20 lbs Medicine Ball. Hitting our legs, shoulders, and chest.

Below are benefits and techniques to doing Full Body Workouts:

Benefits To Full Body Workouts

✓ Saves Your Precious Time!

The best thing about hitting you whole body in one workout is that you decrease your time spent working out, whether you go a gym or not.

Remember we are going for quality of workouts not quantity. I recommend doing between 45-60 minutes for each workout session. If you stick with the recommended 2-4 sessions a week that’s only 1 ½ – 4 hours of working out a week!

✓ Hits Your Cardio at the Same Time!

When you are doing as much as you can in a short amount of time your heart rate will increase. Keep your rests to a minimum and you achieve a combo of muscular strength, muscular endurance, and cardiovascular fitness into one workout session.

Doing it Right!

✓ Train every other day

It breaks up the week nicely. I like to workout Monday-Wednesday-Friday. The days in between I like to fit in a sport Surfing, Basketball, a round of golf, or do a proper cardio workout session.

✓ Increase Your Intensity

If you are going to lift weights, lift heavy. Lift as heavy as you can. DON’T CONSERVE ENERGY FOR LATER MUSCLE GROUPS YOU WILL HIT AT THE END OF THE WORKOUT! If you are doing body weight exercises increase the number of reps. You muscle or muscle group should be nearly exhausted at the end of completing all your pre-determined reps and sets. If you using resistance bands, be explosive in your movements.

✓ Do One Exercise Per Muscle Group

This is especially true if your are lifting heavy weights. We are training each muscle group hard and we are training each one of them we don’t need more than one exercise per group.

✓ Don’t Workout for More Than One Hour

Remember to keep your workouts short, but intense. This will keep your heart rate up and your mind focused. When I have only and hour in the gym I put on my headphones, keep chatting to a minimum (I hate to talk at all when I workout), and plan my attack to that I will not have to wait on anyone to finish to use a workout. If I want to bench press and there is someone on it, I will simply change the order of my full body workout or do dumbbell press instead.

✓ Eat Right After You Workout or Have a Protein Shake

During an intense workout large amounts of nutrients are used to fuel your workout. Replenishing them is important for recovery and progress.

✓ Change it UP!

You do need to keep the same order to your workouts. I suggest hitting one of the three major muscle groups first; Legs, Back, and Chest. Then mix it up. There is no purpose to saving your abs or calves to the end.

✓ Look for Combination Exercises

Combination exercises are great for hitting multiple muscle groups in a short amount of time. Some of my favorites are Renegade rows, squat thrusters, and chin ups.
Here is a workout that has exercises like these.

Below are pages to Free Workout Routines doing
Full Body Workouts
using a variety of different techniques and equipment. The bottom list are examples of different exercises for you to come up with your own full body workout.

Full Body in 20 minutes (or less)
– When time just ain’t on your side but motivation is!

Suspension Strap Workout
– Got a Set of suspension straps and are not sure what to do with them? Checkout this workout.

Boot Camp Workout-
– Wanna go from skinny and unseen to lean and mean? Try this kick butt Boot Camp Workout all you need is yourself and a little drill Sargent in your head verbally abusing you!
Total Body Workout-
Hit every muscle group like it was your job! Then go about your day!

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