Fat Loss Workouts Jump Start Your Metabolism Here!

Fat Loss Workouts Jump Start Your Metabolism Here!

Are You Ready To See Results with Fat Loss Workouts?

First let’s talk little about weight loss, before we dive right into fat loss workouts…

Why sugar coat things? Changing your life and your body is not easy. If you haven’t yet tried any of the celebrity fab weight loss diets or the late night infomercial “miracle” cure, then you are a stronger man than I am.

Unfortunately, there is no miracle, nor fab, nor easy way to change they way you currently are. Sorry, I wish there was.

BUT That does not mean you can’t do it. Making a few small changes over a longer period of time will get you where you go, believe me. Changing everything all at once will often lead to failure.

You can start right now. Write down the things that you want to change (that you are in your control of, sorry dude I can’t grow hair for you). If on your list is loss weight, gain strength, have more energy, or get into better shape, you have landed in the right place. Let’s get started!
Scott Before1

Scott Before 2

Scott Before 3

This is a good friend of mine Scott. As you can see he was not leading a healthy life. He wanted to change. The first thing we did was rearrange his nutrition habits. Diet is more important than exercise! I would say about a 60%-40%. Scroll down to see Scott after 9 weeks of doing fat loss workouts

You Are What You Eat!

I’m going to lay it on you. If you don’t change your diet you won’t see results. For this fat loss workouts program I am going to recommend a Paleo Diet. This diet isn’t about eating less is about eating better. Food is one of the greatest pleasures in life. I would never recommend starving yourself. In the Fat loss workouts I stress eating. Your body will need the energy. In this nutrition plan is about eating right.

If you are new to the Paleo Diet I recommend this E-Book “7 Steps To Paleo” It is an amazing beginner’s guide and has really helped me and many of my workout clients.

If you are in the need for Paleo recipes and ideas I use these books daily. They are also downloadable E-Books as well and a great bargain as well at $37.00 For 2 Recipe Books, a 30 day meal plan, and a Bonus 4 Ingredient Paleo Cookbook.

The honest truth is that if you are looking for serious changes in your body you are going to make serious changes in your lifestyle. During these two months of intense workouts and diet changes I recommend one “cheat meal” a week. This can be Ice cream, pizza, potato chips, french fries. I’m all about being healthy, but I’m also understand that you only live once (unless you’re Buddhist!) If you are serious about result eventually you will probably drop that cheat meal. Most people eventually do.

Also, you need to almost cut alcohol out completely. This is the part that I usually lose a lot people. I’m not saying to stop drink all together, I use the word “almost”. Drinking should not be an everyday occurrence. I also understand going out on a Saturday night drinking club soda can down right treacherous. I am saying that a big night out can be a set back. Monitor your drinking is all I am saying.

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!

The the next thing we did is jump start Scott’s metabolism. You might exercise, even exercise a lot, but are you doing the right types and the right amounts of exercises? This is easy to answer. Gage how much your currently exercise and what results have you seen? If you are here I’m guessing that the answer is not enough and not much.

Ok this might be a difficult one to swallow, to get your metabolism going your are going to need to log some serious workout time. I recommend 5 hours a week. That’s one hour a day a week for 5 days. This plan will be 6 workouts a week that roughly equal the 5 hours you need. If you can handle that then keep reading. If that is not for you, thanks for stopping by, but only commitment equals success.

Why At Least 5 Hours A week?

According to surveys people that workout less than an hour are more apt to be unhappy with the way they look and feel. U.S. guidelines says to must exercise 30 minutes a day to maintain your health and 60 minutes a day to burn fat.

Let’s Put this into perspective the average North American watches 28 hours of TV a week! Take 5 hours of that away that’s still 23 hours of your precious reality TV. Finding the time to exercise is a mindset. If your time to be healthy is nonnegotiable then you have no other choice.

Go Hard or Go Home!

In these fat lose workouts we are going to be focusing on intensity. When we lift weights we are going lift heavy. The cardio days we are doing interval training. Which is a a type of cardio that alternates between fast-pace sprints and low-paced recovery periods.

Studies have show that this type of exercise cycle will maximize your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR). You are going to burn some serious calories here!

Change It Up!

The fat loss workouts program here is for 8 weeks we will changing it after 4 weeks. Why? This is because if you do the same type of exercise week after week, not only will you get bored, but your body adapts and you will plateau. We have 3 days of weight training and 3 days of cardio a week after week 4 your body will be very familiar with your routines so we are going to change it up. We have 1 day of upper body, 1 day of lower body, and 1 day total body. With a day of either cardio or rest in-between.

Give It A Rest!

We are going to use a stress and recovery type of training. Which means we are going to stress our muscle during exercise and given them time to recovery. We don’t build muscle during exercise, but during rest which is why proper rest is important. We are lifting 3 days with a day of no lifting in-between. Also the program calls for one day off completely from exercising (a good day for that cheat meal!)

The Fat loss Workouts can break down something like this: Monday- Lower Body, Tuesday- Cardio, Wednesday- Upper body, Thursday- Cardio , Friday- Total Body weight training, Saturday- Cardio, Sunday- off. You can do it however you want just make sure that you are not working the same muscle day after day. Your muscle need time to restock, repair, and replace.
Scott Midway 1

Scott Midway 2

Scott Midway 3

Here is Scott 9 weeks after starting the program. He went from a size 38 to the size 34! He can run faster, lift heavier, jump higher, and has an all around better physique. He isn’t stopping here. He has lost fat and gained substantial muscle. Remember that muscle is more dense and weighs more. So if you don’t see results on the scale you will in the mirror. That’s the kinda healthy we are going for.

Below are links to the
Fat Loss Workouts
we used for Scott. We did 1 Lower Body, 1 upper body, 1 total body workout, and 3 days of cardio exercise. Scott
Chose a row machine interval
and jumping rope for his cardio days. Remember you don’t have to run all the time to get in a good cardio session!

Fat loss Workouts

Weeks 1-4 Lower Body Fat Loss Workout

– This lower workout is designed to be done at the start of your workout week to really get those calories burning and testosterone released.

Weeks 1-4 Upper Body Fat Loss workout-
These are your “Show Me” muscles. Use this workout to pump your pecs, bulge your biceps, and sculpt your shoulders.

Weeks 1-4 Total Body Fat Loss Workout
t- Hit everything like it was your job! Use this routine to get the whole body pumped!

Interval Training
Is the recommendation for your cardio days. I have pages for many different types of intervals here. This includes workout outdoors and using cardio machines.

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