CrossFit Elite Training for Everyone

CrossFit Elite Training for Everyone


Greg Glassman defines CrossFit as “constantly varied high-intensity functional movement.” This program is designed to adapted to the individual, but it takes a commitment. The type workout doesn’t need to be different for an Olympic athlete or for your grandparents, but the intensity and degree needs to be adapted. This is the basic principle. I first learned of this type of training program from my Workout Guru Zach at
Rogue Fitness

Tire Flip

From the first workout I was hooked. My overall
Physical Fitness
has greatly improved in the two years since I committed to the this style of working out. My cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility is in Kick-Ass shape!

Each workout I learn things about myself, how I train, and what being in shape means. I like to push my limits. I like to see where going to my edge takes me. I forge bonds with those I train with. These are things that I got from this type of training.

An amazing and inspiring read:

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For most classes we do workout routines that are non-traditional but mixed with Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, and cardio . We flip tires, use sledge hammers, do Tabata intervals, and more exercises that have show me that working out can be an enlightening experience. You feel elite once you get into the program.
If you interested in finding Crossfit gyms near you or want to start it on your own follow this link


I will be posting
Free CrossFit Workout Routines
on this page often Please come back and check us out.

Boot Camp Workout
Try this workout as bench mark every 4 weeks to see how well all your hard work is paying off!

If you are interested in fitness retreats and Boot Camps that can get you into this type of training program check where I work at
Cabarete Fitness Camp

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