Circuit Training The Best of Both Worlds

Circuit Training The Best of Both Worlds

What is Circuit Training?

The idea behind circuit training to keep moving and take minimal breaks between exercises if any. this form of working out pushes you aerobically and at the same time tests your strength. So you are combining your strength training and your cardio workout for amazing benefits!

The form of exercise was looked down at by many gym “dudes” as a women’s form of exercise. That was until CrossFit came onto the scene.
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Doing a a proper Circuit can build muscle. This is because muscle responds to the total amount of tension you produce. To complete an exercise in a circuit you need to use a lighter weight, but you are able to do more sets in a period of time. This will also produce more muscle as well as increase your over all
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Here are some videos of circuits classes that we do in the gym I work at
Rogue Fitness in Cabarete Dominican Republic.

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Benefits of Circuit Training

✓ It strengths your cardiovascular system at the same time your and strength training. Throughout the circuit your heart rate will be up. Since you are doing a variety of exercises you will put the beat down on boredom because your mind is being constantly stimulated.

✓ Your testosterone is increased when you cut on you rest time. Testosterone is needed to stimulate muscle growth. Too much aerobic exercise would cause testosterone to drop off and release cortisol, which would cause muscle breakdown, but circuits are short and intense. They end way before cortisol release would start.

✓ TIME… The one thing man has not found a way to control nor buy. Since you are doing this type of workout quickly you don’t need to spend as much in the gym or working out. Also since these workouts take a day to recover from your are workout less, but getting all, if not more of the benefits.

✓ Jump start your metabolism. Workouts like circuits cause calories to burn far after your last rep. They usually take a day to recover from. During that time your body is sending necessary nutrients for muscle repair. Which in turn simulates your metabolism.

Circuit Training
is an all around great way to train. Whether you’re a beginner to exercise or a seasoned veteran who has reached a plateau, you can benefit from this style of workout.

is my style of circuit training it is a real butt kicker.

Boot Camp Circuit
– This is a killer bench mark test circuit. Try it every 4 weeks to see if you are making the progress you want.

Suspension Workout Circuit
-Suspension Straps are a great addition to home gym. Here is a Circuit that will give a great full body workout

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