Cardio Exercise = Calorie Burn = Weight Loss = You Happy

Cardio Exercise = Calorie Burn = Weight Loss = You Happy

Cardio Exercise

Cardio exercise is short for cardiovascular exercise. Without getting to biologically-geeky with you, your cardiovascular system is made up of your heart, blood, blood vessels, and lungs. It actually is an amazing system that delivers nutrients, gases, blood, and lymph to cells all over your body, but you’re not here for biology 101. You are here to to get workout info. So, let’s talk about some cardio!

Cardiovascular exercise basically means that you are doing an activity that raises you heart rate levels. Your cardio should not be so exhausting that you are unable to speak. It is import to stay within your Target Heart Rate Zone. So, what is your Target Heart Rate Zone? I’ll give it to easy with the widget below. Then break it down for you information junkies (like me!). If you want the easy way just purchase a Heart Rate Monitor.

So where does this info come from? Your Max heart rate is a formula 220-(minus) Your Age ≈ Max Heart Rate (MHR). This works fiddling your Max Heart Rate which is where you should NOT be working out at.

Use the chart below to find out where you should be at 55%-85% which is the zone you should be working out at. This is easy to remember, take your pulse for 10 seconds and use the guide find your age. I usually round down to get me working harder.

Target Heart Rate

Benefits to Doing Cardio Exercises

✓ It is an effective way to burn calories

✓Makes your heart more efficient at pumping blood which means it does have to work as hard.

✓ Reduces the risk of heart attacks, diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure a.k.a the nasties!

✓ Increases your lungs’ oxygen capacity.

✓ Relieves stress.

✓ Helps you sleep better.

✓ Release of feel good endorphins!

✓ It can be done anywhere with little or no equipment!

I am going to be honest with you I hate to jog! I don’t like the word jog and you will never see me jogging unless it is after a sprint during an interval. Okay, I’m glad I got that off my chest. Many people think that cardio exercise is jogging or running. It most certainly is way more than that!

I think the cardio exercise is best done in the great outdoors. I surf regularly, goning biking (road and mountain), paddle boarding and kayaking.

For you to really enjoy your cardio find activities that fit you. If you hate gyms don’t go the gym and get on the treadmill, it will become the “dreadmill” very quickly. Any activity that gets your heart rate up to your Target Heart Rate is a cardio exercise.

If you like socializing join a group fitness class, sports league, or workout with a friend.

It is recommended that your workouts be 30 minutes to one hour. At first I would shoot for 10 minutes and add 2 minutes more to your workouts a week. Try to fit in 3 workouts a week. If you are trying to lose weight add some weight training to your weekly workouts.
Weight Training
burns calories at an even faster rate than most
cardio exercises.

One of my favorite ways to get my cardio in is
We’ll call it “Plyo” for short.

Interval Training
is another way to get a great cardio exercise. It can either be done with or without
cardio machines.

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