Boot Camp Workouts Turn Your From Gomer Pyle to SGT. Slaughter

Boot Camp Workouts Turn Your From Gomer Pyle to SGT. Slaughter

Boot Camp Workouts

Boot Camp Workouts are a great way to get calories burning, muscles building, and cardio pumping. In the featured video consisted of five exercises all using Body Weight. It was a great cardio exercise.

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The Workout

Complete 6 sets in 20-18-16-14-12-10 Reps, in a circuit non-stop! Try this Boot Camp Workout every 4 weeks as a bench mark. Track your progress and see how much better you get. My goal is to get under 15 minutes. My last time was 15:27. I am almost there!

Exercise 1: Reverse Burpees

In a traditional burpee one would jump up. Place the hands on the floor, in a frog position. Kick the feet back to a prone position, much like a pushup. Then back to frog position, jump straight up and repeat the exercise in however many predetermined reps.

In a reverse burpee, you start standing straight up. Then roll back until your shoulders touch the floor, keep one leg extended out in front of you touching the floor. No jumps are done in a reverse burpee.

Reverse Burpee

Exercise 2: Pushup with Hand Lifts

In the this exercise you preform a pushup allowing your entire body to touch the floor. Then your slightly lift your hands off the floor. This forces you to build all the auxiliary muscles that make you do better, stronger pushups.
Pushup with Hand Lift

Pushup with Hand Lift

Exercise 3: Jump Lunges

A Jump Lunge is preformed by getting in a running stance. One leg bent at the knee in front of you. The other leg straight out behind you. Bend the front leg down until the back knee touches the floor. Jump and as you do which leg positions.

Jump Lunge

Exercise 4: Mountain Climbers

Mountain Climbers get in a prone or pushup position. Next bring one knee forward and either have it go between your arms or to the outside. Bring your knee back so that your are in the original position and repeat the same exercise with the other leg. This exercise is done fast so it looks as if you were climbing a mountain.

mountain climbers

Exercise 5: 100 Meter Run

Mark off a length of 50 meters or 55 yards. On the completion of your final rep of your set run this distance. Once you have completed this run go straight into your next set without resting!

Go straight into your next set without resting. This Boot Camp Workout can be broken into it’s individual parts and incorporated into a Workout Routine.
Boot Camp Workouts
are done in circuits. Circuits have a dual workout function hitting muscle strength, muscle endurance, and card endurance. They are a great way to track your performance over a long period of time. We use this bench mark workout every 4 weeks to see how we have progressed. I have in 3 months shaved off 1:27 off my time. I am hoping that the next we do this workout routine I am under 15 minutes.

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