Body Weight Exercise is the Best Anytime, Anywhere Exercise

Body Weight Exercise is the Best Anytime, Anywhere Exercise

Body Weight Exercise

Not into weights, but want a Kick-You-in-the-A$$-Workout? Body Weight Exercise is you ticket to overall better fitness. Remember gym class and doing all those pushups, pullups, and sit-ups? Yeah it turns out they are some of the best all-around exercises for your physical fitness. Body Weight Exercise has become a respected form of workout.

They are great to add into a
Weight Training Session
or exercises to be done as your sole workout.

body weight exercise

What I enjoy the most about using my body to workout is the convenience. I do workouts anywhere, like the beach my favorite place to workout. They can also be done in a circuit and you can combine your strength training and cardio into one workout session. Many exercises require flexibility, muscular strength, and muscular endurance.
Adding more Physical Fitness
conditioning to one workout session!

These exercise require less equipment (if any) and the equipment that I recommend is not only inexpensive but requires minimal space.

Some common types of body weight fitness activities are:

✓ Pushups

✓ Pullups

✓ Sit-ups

✓ Squats

✓ Calf Raises

✓ Dips

✓ Chin-ups

✓ Twists

✓ Planks

Each of these exercises has variations that work different muscles with each muscle groups. For example it is possible towork the complete chest by just adjusting the type of pushupsyou are doing.

Some equipment that I recommend to enhance your workout sessions are:

Pair of Push-Up Bars

Suspension Straps

Pull Up Bar

Stability Ball

Jump Rope

A highly recommended piece of equipment for a home gym is Body weight Workout Station This can give a great full body workout!

These pieces of equipment are not only inexpensive, but do not require a lot of space to use nor store. Also most of these pieces of equipment can be through into your suitcase are brought with you when you travel.

Body Weight Exercise
is great addition to your workout program. I enjoy doing them and will be posting new body weight workouts often.

Supension Strap Workout-
Checkout this workout you can anywhere, the gym, the park, or at home with a set of suspension straps.

Boot Camp Workout
-Use this workout as a bench mark test to see if all your hard work is paying off. At Rogue Fitness in Cabarete we preform this workout with all our clients at the beginning, middle, and end of there stay with us.

Is extreme fitness. Want to get a killer calorie burn while working your full body only doing body weight exercises? Try out this routine.

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