BMI, Body Mass Index is one way to assess your Body Weight

BMI, Body Mass Index is one way to assess your Body Weight

Body Mass Index– BMI

BMI or Body Mass Index is an easy way to judge how “thin” or “thick” you are. It is one way (of many) allows health professionals (i.e. your Doctor, Personal Trainer, Nutritionist) to judge your problems of being under-weight or overweight. It DOES NOT by any means measure Body Fat Percentage.

It was never intended to be the authority for any health diagnosis. It was designed to classify individuals that live a physically inactive life with average body compositions. It can really wreak havoc with those of us that are taller or shorter, because of the mathematics in squaring one’s body height.

BMI Calculator

Here is an easy to use Body Mass Index Calculator:

For those of you who prefer the mathematics you can use the formulas and charts below or a great item is Ozeri Touch Digital Bath Scale and you can keep track of your BMI at home.

BMI Formula

BMI Chart Imperial

BMI Chart Metric

TIP:Remember that your
is not a measurement of your body fat. It can’t be. It only measures how thick or thin you are. The numbers are skewed, because it based on height and weight. The graphic below shows an funny, but accurate portrayal of the difference.

BMI Comparison

Your body composition is one component of
Physical Fitness.
Others include muscular strength, cardiovascular fitness, muscle endurance, and flexibility. All of them are equally important when assessing your physical fitness. Being active and having a healthy diet is key to a better life.

It is the P.E. and Health teacher coming out in me, but I cannot stress this enough, that being active will make your life better. It helps you ward off disease and sickness, it lowers your stress levels, and helps you to focus.

Give 30 minutes of physical activity a day a try for one week, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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