Beach Body Workout Interval Will Get You Lookin’ Great For Swimsuit Season.

Beach Body Workout Interval Will Get You Lookin’ Great For Swimsuit Season.

Beach Body Workout Interval

Where’s the best place to do this Beach Body Workout? The best place to work on your beach body is the beach itself! Why? The instability of the sand will keep your core engaged throughout this interval training beach body workout. After you hit it hard take your beach body for a well deserved dip!

Equipment Needed: A SportWatch to keep track of your rests, a sandy place, and I’m all about running in my Vibram Fivefingers

Time needed: 24-30 minutes

Here’s the beach body workout and explanations of the exercises are below:

Exercise / Repetitions / Rest Period / Sets

Sandman Shuttle Run / 4-6 runs* / 1 minute / 2

Sand Skippers 8-10 each leg / 1 minute / 3-4

Dive-Bomber Pushups / 8-12 / 1 minute / 3-4

Jump Squat / 5-8 / 1 minute / 3-4

Rotational Pushups 8-12 total / 1 minute / 3-4

Single Leg Squat / 5 each side / 1 minute /3-4

*1 complete run is touching both lines, making it 4 complete back and froths.

Do this Beach Body Workout as a circuit doing each exercise back-to-back resting in between if needed or preferably 1 minute after each circuit.
Exercise 1: Sandman Shuttle Run

Use your foot or a stick to make 3 parallel lines in the sand 5 yards (5 meters). Straddle the middle line in an athletic stance. Run to one side and touch it with your hand of the same side (right hand, right side). Now run to the opposite side and touch it with your other hand. That is one complete Sandman Shuttle Run. Quickly return to the middle line and do 3-6 more. Rest for 1 minute and do it again!

Shuttle Run

Shuttle Run

Shuttle Run

Exercise 2: Sand Skippers

In this exercise you will frolic like you did as a little kid. Skip forward jumping and landing on the same foot. Drive the opposite leg’s knee upward, while trying to jump as high as you can. Complete the number of reps on one leg before more on to the next leg. Do 8-10 on each leg, rest for one minute, then repeat the exercise for one more round.

Sand Skipping


Exercise 3: Dive-Bomber Pushups

Make a upside down V with hands and feet driving into the sand. Bend your arms, push your upper body down and forward, while dropping your butt. Try to do this in one fluid motion. Once you are parallel with the ground push your torso up until you are looking forward. Lock your arms and elbows and hold this for 2 seconds. Then push back the way came until you are again in the upside down V. Act as if there is a barbed wire fence you are trying to go under but not get your clothes dirty, then remembered you forgot your keys back on the other side. The only body parts that touch the sand are your hands and toes. Do this 8-12 reps, take a one minute break and repeat for a second set.

Dive-Bomber Collage

Exercise 3: Jump Squats

Start by standing with your feet a little more than shoulder width your ames locked straight down at your sides . Bend down at the knees till your hands touch the sand and your thighs are parallel to the sand, keeping your back straight, and your weight in your heals. TIP: to keep your weight in your heals for any type of squat push your butt & hips back before you start. Go directly intuit he next squat without pausing. Try to keep the same good form of the first one. Do this 5-8 reps, take a one minute break, and bust out one more set.

Jump Squat

Jump squat

Exercise 4: Rotational Pushups

Get into a pushup position (feet together balanced on your toes, arms slightly more than shoulder width apart) and do a normal pushup, but as you come back up rotate your entire body, including feet and torso so that your arm lifts straight above. It should as if you are making a “T”, with your body. Return to the pushup position and do the same with the other side. Do 8-12 total (4-6 per side), rest for one minute and get to it for another set.

Rotational Pushup

Rotational Pushu

Rotational Pushup 3

Exercise 5: Single Leg Deadlifts

Balance yourself on one leg. Bend slightly at the waist, with your arms hanging down. Lower yourself from bending the knee. Touch the sand without bending over any more at the waist. Return to your star position. Do 5 on each leg, take a one minute break, then do one set more, and take your Beach Body into the water for your cooldown!

With this Beach Body Workout you are on your way to your best Beach Body!

Single Leg Squat

Single leg squat

Use this
Beach Body Workout Interval
at least once or twice a week and you’ll be getting those looks in your bikini or board shorts and enjoying your beach body in no time at all. For More Interval Training workout routines checkout the
Interval Training Mainpage.

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