Arm Exercise Pump Up your Guns!

Arm Exercise Pump Up your Guns!

Arm Exercise

Looking to add inches to your arms? Try some of these Sitting at your desk all day hunched over a computer, veging-out in front of TV, and behind the steering wheel of your car has taken its toll, but it’s not too late. I have the right arm exercise to have you looking great in that tank top. Underneath that fat is the best set of arms you have ever seen… Trust me!

Have been working on your arms for a while without seeing much results? Perhaps your focus has been too narrow. Your emphasis should your entire body including diet and nutrition.

The best place to start? The basics Pull-ups, Dips, and pushups are great arm builders biceps and triceps, along with strengthening and pumping your chest, back, shoulders, and core.

Ad this arm exercise mini-routine into a cardio exercise day or into your current strength training workouts.

For a weight training workout that focuses on your arms follow this link:

Body Weight Arm Pumping Routine

In this arm exercise routine I have some modifications if you can’t do all the prescribed reps. Which is Okay you’re here to get stronger, healthier, and more fit! Look for the “TIP” for how to modify the exercise based on your ability. Complete one set of each exercise moving on to the next like a circuit. Try to complete 5 sets in total.

Equipment: A kids playground usually has everything you need to preform these body weight exercises. A great addition to a home gym is Weider 200 Power Tower. You can do dips, pullups, chin-ups, leg raises, Elevated pushups, and attach Resistance Bands and preform many exercises. For less than $200 for both the Tower and Resistance bands you can have the prefect home gym for hitting every muscle!

Exercise 1: Dips

Grab parallel bars on a Roman chair(your local playground probably has a pair). Use your legs to get up so that your arms are straight and all of weight is on your hands. Using a 6 count lower yourself until your arms are at a 90˚ angle, parallel to the floor. Raise yourself back up quickly.TIP: If you are having difficult tie getting yourself back up to the stating position place your feet on the floor or platforms on a Roman Chair and boast your self back up. Complete 8-10 reps and go to the next exercise.

Reps: 8-10

Sets: 5 in circuit

Rest: 1-2 minutes before moving to the next exercise



Exercise 2: Chin-ups

Grab a Pull-up Bar with an underhand grip (your palms facing you) at shoulder width apart. To preform the exercise pull yourself up until your chin passes the bar. TIP: If you are having a hard time doing a chin-up set a bench under the bar. Stand on the bench and give yourself a boost until your hands are touching your chest. Slowly lower yourself down at a 6 second count. Hop back up to the bench and repeat the exercise for 8-12 Reps.

Reps: 8-12

Sets: 5 total

Rest 1-2 minutes



Exercise 3: Military Pushups

Place your hands directly under your shoulders in a Prone push-up position. Keep you arms and elbows tight against your sides. Lower your self down until your chest touches your hands. Make sure that your arms don’t flare out the sides. Use Push-up bars to get more depth. TIP: If you can’t finish these in a regular push-up position go your knees, but in doing so put you hands slightly out in front of you and lower your hips until your head, back, and butt are in the straight line to your knees.


Sets: 5

Rest: 2 minutes then start the circuit again for a total of five circuits

Military Pushup

Use this
Arm Exercise
Circuit to add some inches to your arms. You’ll be hitting your biceps, triceps, shoulders, some chest, and upper back.

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