Upper Body Workout Hit Those Show ME Muscles

Upper Body Workout

This upper body workout is part of
fat loss workout program
that I adapted for my friend Scott. He is shredding fat and gaining muscle. You can do it too. Changing your life is mind set. Decide right now if you want to go down the path you are currently on or to the body and health that you want. Let the Guru be you guide.

When your doing these exercises in this upper body workout find a weight that you can do no more than ten reps. I mean that you couldn’t possibly do no more than 10. If you can do 10 easily add more weight. As you do this workout you will get stronger and will need to add more weight.

Time Needed: 45 minutes to One HourWarmup: 5 minutes with Jumping rope, Stationary bike, or a light jog.

Here are photos of Scott The first day of our workouts and the second is after 9 weeks. How awesome is his progress! Even if you aren’t looking to loss fat this Upper Body Workout is a great way to Pump your “Show Me” muscles!

Scott Before1

Scott Midway 1

Exercise 1: Alternating Grip Bent over Rows

Works Your Upper and Lower Back, Biceps

  1. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, bend forward at the waist, and keep you back straight. Grab the barbell with an overhand grip and your hands slightly out from should width.
  2. To preform the motion by bending your elbows and pull the barbell towards your lower chest. Extend your arms slowly down down to the starting position and allow your should to stretch forward slightly.
  3. The 2nd and 4th set alternate your grip to an underhand with your palms facing forward.

Reps: 7-10

Sets: 4

Rest: 1 minute between sets

Scott Rows

Scott Rows2

Underhand Grip

Exercise 2: Alternating Grip Bench Press

Works Your Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps

  1. Fix an exercise bench to a flat position. Lie down and position your body so that barbell is on the supports above your face. Grip the bar so that your hands are should-width apart. Lift the bar off the supports and hold it above your chest. Keep your feet flat on the floor and bring shoulder blades in.
  2. Preform the exercise by bending your elbows to your sides and bring the bar towards your upper chest. Stop when the bar is slightly above your chest, not touching. Pause for a 1 count and press the bar back up to the top of the lift.
  3. After the 1st set change your hands to a wide grip and preform the same exercise. On the 3rd set change your hands to a narrow grip- less than shoulder width. You might want to lessen your weight on the narrow set. On the 4th set go back to the original shoulder-width hand position.

Reps: 7-10

Sets: 4

Rest: 1 minute after each set

Scott Bench Press

Scott Bench 2

Scott Bench 3

Exercise 3: Alternating Dumbbell Hammer Down Curls

Workouts Your Biceps and Forearms

  1. Grasp a pair of dumbbells in each hand. Lock your elbows to your sides to isolate your biceps.
  2. Bring your right hand up until your elbow is fully bent. At the top flex your bicep for a 2 count. Bring the dumbbell down in a slow 4 count. Do the same for the Left arm. On the 2nd set at the top of the lift rotate your hand until your palm is facing in and “hammer” down the dumbbell.

Reps: 7-10

Sets: 4

Rest: 1 minute after each set

Scott Curls 1

Scott Curls 2

Exercise 4: Shoulder Press

Workouts Your Shoulders and Upper Back

  1. Start with a pair of dumbbells in each hand with a neutral grip and bring them up until they are almost resting on your shoulders.
  2. Press both dumbbells straight over your head pause at the top for a 2 count and lower them slowly with a 4 count.

Scott Press 1

Scott Press 2

Works Chest, Triceps, and Shoulders

Grab parallel bars on a Roman chair. Use your legs to get up so that your arms are straight and all of weight is on your hands. Using a 6 count lower yourself until your arms are at a 90˚ angle, parallel to the floor. Raise yourself back up quickly. If you are having difficult tie getting yourself back up to the stating position place your feet on the floor or platforms on a Roman Chair and boast your self back up.

Reps: 10

Sets: 4

Rest: 1 minute between sets

Scott Dips 1

Scott Dips 2

Use this Upper Body Workout

1-2 a week. Checkout a
lower body workout
exercise to get your full body pump on. I recommend one lower body workout, 1 upper body workout, and one total body workout a week. If you looking to lose weight add in a day of Cardio. If not yoga is great in the in between days. I will be adding more upper body workouts to this site often please come back and visit soon.