Weight Training Workouts, Wanna change your body? Weights are your key!

Weight Training Workouts

Weight Training Workouts are the best way to change your Body! This is accomplished by the benefits that weight lifting gives you:

-kick starts your metabolism. Muscles burn more calories than fat, so more muscle in your
the more calories your burn all day long.

-Strengthen your bones. Extremely important for females

-Increases muscle strength and muscle endurance

-make you more injury resistant

-Gives you better self images, self-esteem, and confidence

-Gives you better coordination and balance

With all these benefits adding weight lifting to your workout routine is vital. If you are just starting it can be pretty confusing on the where’s and how’s to start. Let the Guru be your guide!

If you are already into weight training workouts, scroll down the links at the bottom of this page for weight lifting workouts. Believe me there are some there that you have never seen before!

Weight Lifting Workouts

Weightlifting Basics

Two things to consider before starting any type training, especially a weight training workout.

1) Consult a doctor before starting any type of workout program.

2) Consult a Certified Personal Trainer for a few sessions to discus fitness goals, work on form, and make working out a more enjoyable experience.

If you would like to setup your own program here are some basic principles to make sure you achieve the goals you are setting out to attain.

Load it up!– If building muscle is your goal you need to have more resistance than what your muscles usually push or pull. As you get stronger you should increase the weight to avoid plateauing or adapting. The completion of your last rep should be nearly impossible you to do one more. Make sure that it is is in good form.

Change it Up!– To make sure that you do not plateau or adapt, you need to increase the weight, change your sets or reps, change the exercise, or type of resistance. I recommend changing your exercise routine monthly. I sometimes change my routines weekly.

Goals!– Set a goal and train for it. If building muscles is your goal your program should revolve around that goal. If you want to lose weight then your workout routines should reflect that gaol.

Rest!– The days off are just as important as training days. Your muscles are growing and changing during these breaks. The rest days also make sure that you are overtraining specific muscles groups by working them 2 days in a row.

The Workouts

The Links below are to
Weight Training Workouts:
Building Muscle Mass in an hour a week-
Don’t have time to be in the gym for hours at time like most of us? But want to keep Building Muscle Mass? Then this is your 3day workout routine for a 20 minute workout!
Chest Workout
– Want to Build a Massive Superhero Chest? This is Chest Workout will give the mass and the pump that will have you lookin’ like Superman in no time!

Olympic Lifts-
seldom preformed in gyms. They are far more technical than other forms of weight lifting, but with this workout the builds the form you will be on your way to a Gold Medal!

Lower Body Workout-
Hit those bigger muscles in the lower back and legs for all over gains!

Upper Body Workout-
Hit those show me muscles to look good for swim suit season!