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If you landed on this site it was for a reason…

It could be that you are bored with the workout routines that you have been doing in the gym for months and have either Plateaued or have seen little if any results.

Perhaps you are stuck between the A: The Body you have and B: The Body you want.

Or Maybe you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired and you are finally going to do something about it!

What ever the reasons you found us at we are glad that you are here.

squat thrusterMy name is Matt. Being active and teaching others to be active is a large part of my life. I was a Physical Education and Health Teacher for grades Pre-K to Senior year high school. I am a Personal Trainer and I lead group fitness classes at Rogue Fitness Cabarete.




SurferI enjoy working out and being fit. I also understand that lifting weights or packing into a gym is not everyone’s deal. No worries! I have included many home workout routines, body weight exercises, circuit training routines, alternative activities, and outdoor workouts that gives you No Excuse for being out of shape.

I understand that sometimes it is difficult to start getting into shape. Life always seems to throw something at you either good or bad. You have a baby, you get a promotion, etc…

I sometimes get into that “I’ll start again Monday” rut. Then Monday comes and goes and you tell yourself “Next Monday!” Believe me though, that once you start working out getting fit and having a proper diet, it becomes part of your life no matter what life has in store for you.

Having varying workout routines are an essential part of all around fitness. Doing the same thing over and over again is not only ineffective, but also boring. You should be changing your workout routines every 4 weeks.

There are 1,440 minutes in everyday. You should schedule 20 of them for physical activity. To maintain a healthy weight, reduce stress, improve your focus, and help delay or prevent disease and health problems. The more intense the exercise the more rewards!

What’s the best way to find the right exercise for you? Find something fun for you. If you like it you will more likely to stay motivated.

Please use this site as a workout, fitness, and motivation resource. Perhaps you are on the go and are looking for Time Saving Workouts or perhaps you are a skinny dude like me and you’re looking for Muscle Building. Below are links to other pages on this site. If you have enjoyed this site please tell others to come and visit.