20 Minute Workout You Have the Time NO EXCUSES!

20 Minute Workout You Have the Time NO EXCUSES!

The 20 Minute Workout

20 Minute workouts are designed for those of us who have a difficult time finding the time to workout. You find some free workout routines here that you need a gym others you can do anywhere at any time. Body weight exercises are a great way to get your fitness done on the run. Purchasing a few pieces of inexpensive equipment can really benefit your quick workouts.

The first and most important question is where on your list priorities does a workout fall? If you are waiting for your schedule to free up, or the weather to get better, or for swimsuit season to start, then you’ll never find the time. Here are some TIPS to make time for fitness a reality:

Don’t need motivation to workout and are looking for 20 minute workouts? Scroll to the bottom hyper-links and rock on with your bad-self!

Do something you enjoy!

If you don’t look forward to your workouts, you are more likely to skip them. People often force workouts or get involved in activities that bore them. This will increase the likely hood of quitting.

Try finding a workout routine that will improve and activity you do enjoy. Perhaps you like to play golf find a workout that is “taylor made” for golfers. I like to surf and I workout to improve my surfing.

If there is no other activity you enjoy remember exercise makes you look better and we all like to look better!

Don’t Frustrated by the lack of your results!

It takes time to build muscle, lose weight, and change your body. Don’t be obsessed with scale watching or measurements. That makes even harder to stay motivated.

Find a Friend to Workout with

Doing things with other people is more enjoyable. Find a friend that has the same goals as you. You can be each other’s accountability partners.

You have time to Workout?

You really don’t need a huge chunk of time to exercise. Use these 20 minute workouts and you’ll be seeing and feeling the results you want in no time.

Finding the Fun in Fitness!

You, like many others may not find exercise fun, but hopefully the Guru here can change your perspective. Ok so exercise will never be a day at the beach sipping piña colada kinda fun, but it can be kinda pleasure that one gains from the realization that their life is better. It’s a fact that exercise gives you…

✓ A Sense of Well Being! The workout might have not felt great, but finishing it feels awesome. One from the endorphin rush you receive, but also from the I finished something and followed through with my commitments. You also gain more confidence… Go on with your bad-self!

✓ More Energy! A good workout can leave you both relaxed and energized. A sweet combination! You are ready for whatever the days throws at you.

✓ Slimmer Waist! Need I say more?

✓ Having overall better health! Many of us suffer from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, are at risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer, or being overweight.

✓ More Confidence! Been feeling down it out? How’s your diet and exercise? Believe it or not they are very related. Exercise builds a better you mentally and physically.

Not Sure where to start? Try one of the “Beginner”

20 minute workouts
below. There are also free exercise programs for all types of training and skill levels.

The Workouts

Building Muscle Mass-

Don’t have time to be in the gym for hours at time like most of us? But want to keep Building Muscle Mass? Then this is your 3day workout routine for a 20 minute workout! THIS IS NOT A BEGINNER’S WORKOUT!

The most intense 4 minutes you can experience exercising. Never herd of it? Check it out and you’ll be hooked!

Beginner Workouts

Full Body Workout-

This dumbbell workout routine is a 20 minute circuit that will build satisfy both your strength and cardio training. Do it a few times a week when you can’t fit in a full workout. This a good beginners workout.

20 Minute Suspension Strap Workout-
Have a pair of suspension straps and not sure what do with them beside pushups? Never used suspension straps, but are curious? Check out what they are all about and a good full body workout.

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